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PREORDER - The Scarlet Sound, by Bella Dean Joyner, eBook

PREORDER - The Scarlet Sound, by Bella Dean Joyner, eBook

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Release Date: August 13, 2024

An isolated wood near the Scarlet Sound, a mystery left behind by a deceased father, and something sinister stalking the remote cabin. 

They've been conjuring in the darkness...

Joseph Young and his sister, Holly, have arrived to help clear out the family cabin after their father's unexpected passing. But something isn't right least, not anymore. Unexplained gouges in the wood paneling and something strange growing in the greenhouse leave Joe and Holly wondering what really caused their father's death. 

But finding out could kill them...

When Joseph stumbles upon a set of pictures that were never meant to be seen, he believes the woods surrounding the cabin might hold the answers. But the shadows there grow longer, just a little more opaque. And something waits...

Will Joseph and Holly solve the riddle their father left behind, or will they pay for their intrusion with their very souls?


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