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Horrorsmith Publishing

PREORDER - The Others, by Michael Paul Michaud, eBook

PREORDER - The Others, by Michael Paul Michaud, eBook

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Release date: July 30, 2024

It wasn’t long before they came…Before the slaughter came.

People all twisted up in the face, with the sounds and the noises. The bones and the teeth, and the smell of burnt skin. None of it like I ever seen.

None of us knew it then, but that was the last day as things were. The last day things were ever gonna be normal again, least as normal as they could be with Ma gone. I used to think that was when it all changed, when the world changed—when Ma passed.

Only…I was wrong about that.

Things were mostly still the same then, compared with what was gonna come. Cause least then, it was just folk...


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