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The Devil Came Down the Mountain, by Christopher Bond, eBook

The Devil Came Down the Mountain, by Christopher Bond, eBook

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For almost a hundred years, locals have proclaimed a portion of the Uinta Mountains in Utah to be cursed. They call the area the Murmuring Caves, the site of the historic Yangguang Massacre, where distortions and reverberations beneath the earth's surface create something very akin to human voices.

And if you listen long might just hear the dead...

Josh Bridges, an experienced dark tourist, has finally convinced his three best friends to accompany him in search of the Murmuring Caves. But they only agreed because of the tragedy Josh just lived through, which seems to have broken him. They'd do anything for their friend...

Even descend into darkness...

But when they call out for help, what answers them might not be safe...

It might not even be alive.

Will Josh and his friends—Trey, Mandy, and Amber—make it down the mountain alive?

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