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Fear Forge Anthology: Spring Quarter 2023 Edition: eBook

Fear Forge Anthology: Spring Quarter 2023 Edition: eBook

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In March of 1692, the streets of Salem, Massachusetts, knew fear. Witches were afoot, with their spells, evil ways, and communion with demons. But not all the witches they attempted to execute perished...

Some still live, and they want their revenge...

Contained within this tome are twenty-five stories of the macabre, decadent brutality, and sweet, sweet reminders that a little bit of their dark magic lives in all of us.

Foreword by Dave Jeffery

Featured Authors:

John Kiste - "The Carrier Diary"
D. W. Gillespie - "The Worm Witch"
JP Behrens - "Promises"
Phoenix Roberts - "Doll's Tail"
H. K. Slade - "Irony"
E. L. Giles - "Black Dog"
Thomas Stewart - "Gathering at the Red Circle"
Sarah D'Ambro - "Revenge is Lonely"
Geraldine Borella - "Die Nachthexen"
Craig E. Sawyer - "Pumpkin Pie"
Brian J. Smith - "The Mirage"
Raymund P. Reyes - "The Heart Eater"
R. C. Hausen - "Her Cauldron Boils"
JT Patten and Renee Rocco - "The Witching at Swampscott Bay"
Garrett Rowlan - "Sabbath Films"
Danielle Manx - "Animal Revenge"
Kathleen Halecki - "I Am What You Thought I Was"
Thomas K.S. Wake - "Across the River, Down a Narrow Path"
M. E. Bronstein - "Little Sisters"
Ali Sweet - "The Stakes"
Donald Armfield - "Heiya Hush Ya"
Kimberly Rei - "Lineage"
Justin Boote - "The Witch of the Woods"
Chris Stenson - "Planted"
J-F Dubeau - "Bread"


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