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Fear Forge Anthology Fall Quarter 2023 Edition eBook

Fear Forge Anthology Fall Quarter 2023 Edition eBook

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Fall...a time for cozy sweaters, apple picking, and pumpkin spice lattes...

No...Scratch that...

It's a time for brittle leaves crunching when you walk, haunting winds that leave a forlorn resonance in their wakes, and jack-o-lanterns ushering in the most magnificent season of the year—the spooky season, where macabre decorations come to life and there just might be a monster behind every mask...

Foreword by horror author Ambrose Ibsen.

Featuring short stories by:

Paige L. Austin, Alexandra Peel, Marlaina Cockcroft, Tom Johnstone, T. Fox Dunham, Annie Knox, L.A. Detwiler, John Collins, Justin Zimmerman, Gustav Grift, Nikki R. Leigh, David Greske, E.L. Giles, Logan McConnell, P. S. Traum, Matthew Chabin, Frances Hope, Lene MacLeod, AJ Bartholomew, Abra Staffin-Wiebe, and Alexandr Bond.


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