Horrorsmith Publishing is relatively new on the indie horror scene. For the last year, we've concentrated on quarterly anthologies, helping readers find their next favorite author through themed and professionally edited short stories.

Now, we're looking to expand our focus toward novellas and novels of mainstream horror and ghost suspense fiction. Preferred tropes are haunted houses, unique creatures, possession stories, gothic, urban legends, cursed items, and ghosts. We are not accepting extreme horror fiction at this time.

Please see all submission guidelines below. Devour indie horror!

  • All novellas and novels submitted to Horrorsmith Publishing should be 40,000 or more words in length. We cannot publish stories less than this word count unless it is being considered for an anthology.
  • Your submission email should have this in the subject line: Title - Author - Novel or Novella - Standalone or Series
  • All submissions should be sent to submissions@horrorsmithpublishing.com
  • Submissions should be the first three chapters, a query letter, and a full synopsis.
  • While we don't require stories to be edited prior to submission, we do ask that you do one or two read-throughs and attempt to catch as many errors as possible.

There are no current anthology open calls.

Please check back for future updates.

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How long after you send in a submission will you hear from us?

We try to respond to all submissions within one month. Please feel free to reach out for an update if you have not heard from us within that time period.

This time frame might not be feasible once we have requested a full manuscript because there are many more moving parts to be considered prior to us extending an offer. Please exercise patience as this will make the process smoother for everyone.

Anyone exhibiting aggression will immediately be removed from consideration.

Are there any costs associated with publishing with us?

Absolutely not. Horrorsmith Publishing models its processes after a traditional publishing concept. We cover the cover artist, editing costs, formatting, merchandize, ARC team coordination, and marketing efforts.

However, we have found that our publishing efforts are often much more effective when we have the author's involvement. This can take whatever form you are comfortable with: social media postings, blog posts, podcast tours, or paid advertisements from your own social media accounts.

We are a team!

How are authors who work with us paid?

Horrorsmith Publishing offers all signed authors a $100 advance to be paid prior to the release date of their novel.

Royalties are paid at a rate of 50% for all eBooks, paperbacks, and merchandise sales.

Royalties are paid quarterly, beginning the quarter after your novel's release.

Authors also receive 10 free copies of their novel or novella and smaller swag items to use for author cons or book signings.

Do you need to have an agent to submit to us?

No. We do not require authors to have representation prior to submission. In fact, we'd prefer you don't. We would rather as much of the royalties as possible go directly to you, not to be split with an agent as well.

Who does Horrorsmith Publishing's cover art and editing?

Most of our covers are done by Debbie with The Cover Collection.

Some of my our covers and all of our large interior illustrations are done by Amanda Bergloff.

Our editing is contracted through Lyndsey Smith of Horrorsmith Editing.